Do I Care? Should I?--Oct 27

Do I Care? Should I?

Here’s a topic guaranteed to polarize people according to age—the demise of handwriting skills.  I read an article the other day saying that fewer and fewer kids were actually learning longhand writing.  They do learn to print, but rather than ‘waste’ time learning cursive writing, they learn other things.  In my formative school years, all… Continue reading Do I Care? Should I?

Shocking But True

Shocking But True

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that we are working on a project to replant an old dairy farm with native trees.  People ask me questions about the process all the time, but they never ask the most interesting question.  Specifically, how does it feel to get zapped by an electric fence? That is probably because they don’t… Continue reading Shocking But True

Make Love Not War?--Oct 13

Make Love Not War?

This week’s headlines brought a story to warm the cockles of any capitalist’s heart.  It’s so bizarre it’s probably a hoax.  An Olympic athlete has opened a brothel to raise money to fund his bid to make it to the Olympics in 2012.  Up until now, his parents have been providing a big part of… Continue reading Make Love Not War?

You're Not Going To Believe This--Oct 6

You’re Not Going To Believe This

I live in an OECD country that has a fairly respectable standard of living and reasonably respected educational system.  I also have an eight year old nephew who told me something that really got me wondering about all that. For a school assignment, he had to prepare a two minute speech on something that he… Continue reading You’re Not Going To Believe This