Will Everyone Please Stop Being So Nice?--Dec 30

Will Everyone Please Stop Being So Nice?

After last week’s post about my painting ordeal, I got a few messages from incredulous readers asking how we could have started building a house in May and not be finished in December.   Especially when the builder said it would take 8 weeks.  I’ve been asking the same question. The answer is bizarre, but true: … Continue reading Will Everyone Please Stop Being So Nice?

Michelangelo Had It Easy--Dec 24

Michelangelo Had It Easy

This week’s post is a little late and I have been gratified that some people have actually noticed and dropped me a line wondering what I was up to. I have a good excuse—we’ve been having a sort of Rimbaud period over the past week or so.  Earlier this year, we decided to build a… Continue reading Michelangelo Had It Easy

Festive Cognitive Dissonance--Dec 8

Festive Cognitive Dissonance

Today I thought I was experiencing an interesting episode of cognitive dissonance.   That term gets thrown about quite a bit, so I figured I’d check it in the dictionary to make sure I had it right.  Sure enough, my dictionary defines cognitive dissonance as psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously. That… Continue reading Festive Cognitive Dissonance

News That's Hard To Swallow--Dec 4

News That’s Hard To Swallow

Quick. What was the biggest news story of last week? I don’t know about where you are, but down here there was some background noise on Afghanistan and the economy and something called Copenhagen. But mostly we got the lowdown on Tiger Woods’s driving (and juggling) skills. Also, Susan Boyle’s album set an all time… Continue reading News That’s Hard To Swallow