Know Your Customer--Marketing 101--Jan 27

Know Your Customer–Marketing 101

One of the principles of marketing is ‘know your customer.’  And if you watch television for about 15 minutes, you will clearly see that rule in operation.  Energy drink commercials are populated with cool young people doing things at a frenetic pace.  Incontinence pads are calmly discussed by white haired people sipping tea in the… Continue reading Know Your Customer–Marketing 101

Call Me Irredeemably Uncool

Call Me Irredeemably Uncool

This post is going to permanently earn me the title of ‘totally and irredeemably uncool old fart.’  But I am passionate about this. I read an article recently about a big travel agency that has published a “bucket list” of travel experiences everyone “must have” by the time they reach the ripe old age of… Continue reading Call Me Irredeemably Uncool

A Sticky Situation--Jan 11

A Sticky Situation

I promised I’d never do a rant.  So this technically isn’t a rant. You know how everything you buy always has at least one sticker on it?  I’m not talking about price tags.  They are obsolete because of bar codes and that means you never really know how much you are going to pay until you… Continue reading A Sticky Situation