Catching Up On My Reading--Feb 26

Catching Up On My Reading

I think I may have mentioned that we had a series of house guests over the holidays.  Aside from the considerable social and gustatory benefits of having guests, there is another unexpected pleasure—going through all the reading material they leave behind.  Invariably on departure day they will point to a pile of brochures, magazines and… Continue reading Catching Up On My Reading

Underwear Enhancement

Underwear Enhancement, Anyone?

Did you ever worry that you might accidentally erase an important message if you just click “delete all” on your spam inbox? Call me paranoid, but I’ve found the occasional ‘real’ message buried in the spam messages and as a result I find myself unable to just whack them all without at least scanning down… Continue reading Underwear Enhancement, Anyone?

Clouseau Rides Again?--Feb 15

Inspector Clouseau Rides Again?

Regular readers may recall that the last time I had been quiet for an unusually long time was because the farm house was absorbing an inordinate amount of my time and attention. That was nothing. We are now in inspection mode.  In order to be completely finished we need something called a Code of Compliance… Continue reading Inspector Clouseau Rides Again?

Google and Facebook--Feb 1

Facebook, Google and Gogol

It’s probably a little too early for me to declare myself a visionary, but I had a ‘moment’ this past week.  A few months ago, in response to a number of scares about privacy on the internet, particularly with respect to Facebook and Google, I wrote a little story about what at the time seemed… Continue reading Facebook, Google and Gogol