Bovine Code Red--May 1

Bovine Code Red!

I’m happy to report that the farmhouse is now complete and has been certified as habitable by the local council! But we’re not completely done because we are now converting the old milking shed into a plant nursery where we will propagate seedlings for the revegetation project.  So we are still being visited by builders… Continue reading Bovine Code Red!

Don't Worry Kids--Apr 27

Don’t Worry, Kids!

The big news down here these days?  Someone did some research and it came to us in the form of the headline “What’s Bugging the Nation’s Children?”  The article explains that an academic surveyed 8-12 year olds to find out what worries them.  The reason that these things get my attention (and scare the heck… Continue reading Don’t Worry, Kids!

A Few Days In The South Island--Apr 22

A Few Days In The South Island

I hope you aren’t thinking that I never do any work, but we just got back from another trip, this time to the South Island of NZ.  The South Island is considerably different than the North Island.  The main difference is that the North Island is subtropical while the South is temperate and that means… Continue reading A Few Days In The South Island