Travails of Modern Youth--May 21

Travails of Modern Youth

My sister in law is doing student teaching this semester, so we are keeping an eye on the boys, ages 9 and 7, after school.  Up until recently I had been meeting them at school and walking home with them.  But now I’ve decided to outsource the walk to them–part of growing up is learning… Continue reading Travails of Modern Youth

Adventures In Consumer Products--May 13

Adventures In Consumer Products

The other day we bought a new vacuum cleaner for the farmhouse.  It was been a great learning experience.  First, much to my amazement, there is a shop here that does nothing but sell vacuum cleaners.  They are specialists.  We chose to go there rather than one of those home appliance places because I’ve always… Continue reading Adventures In Consumer Products

Am I A Bad Person Because I Laugh?--May 7

Am I A Bad Person Because I Laugh?

The younger of our two nephews, the 7 year old, is going through a phase.  Of late, he finds a way to introduce the concept of farting and pooping into every conversation and situation. He doesn’t get into trouble for doing it, but I do.  That’s because I find his utterances and observations hysterically funny, can’t… Continue reading Am I A Bad Person Because I Laugh?