A Bigger Time Waster Than Facebook?--Jul 20

A Bigger Time Waster Than Facebook?

Have you ever met anyone who told you that they have too much time on their hands?  Of course not. Everyone you meet today is constantly complaining about how busy they are.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the important things that need to be done.  And that’s why I… Continue reading A Bigger Time Waster Than Facebook?

New Grounds For White Coat Syndrome--Jul 14

New Grounds For White Coat Syndrome

You know you’re getting old when you are out for dinner with your friends and they start talking about their adventures at the doctor’s office.  And some of them don’t spare any of the gory details. A friend had just finished telling us about his colonoscopy and my wife said to me, “Why don’t you… Continue reading New Grounds For White Coat Syndrome

BP's New Defense?!?!

BP’s New Defense??!!

I just read a scary article about the totally legal means that BP has to skate away from the Gulf problem with as little financial responsibility as possible.  Sure, they’re probably on the hook for the $20 billion that President Obama got them to grudgingly agree to.  But if he hadn’t shown leadership and put… Continue reading BP’s New Defense??!!