Sesquipedality Can Be Fun--Aug 25

Sesquipedality Can Be Fun!

Our nephews are still providing interesting insights into the contemporary educational system.  Today’s lesson was spelling. With respect to spelling, each of them gets a word list on Monday and each day they are supposed to practice spelling the words.  There is a test on Friday to make sure they have committed the words to… Continue reading Sesquipedality Can Be Fun!

When Green Isn't Necessarily Clean--Aug 19

When Green Isn’t Necessarily Clean

Have you noticed that nowadays, no matter who you are entertaining, one of your guests will inevitably ask, “Where is your compost bin?” A nod toward the wastebasket or the kitchen sink waste disposer is no longer an acceptable response.  “What?  You don’t compost?”  This question is asked in the same way that one asks,… Continue reading When Green Isn’t Necessarily Clean

Let's Stop Talking and Start Doing--Aug 10

Let’s Stop Talking and Start Doing

This past weekend, I heard an interview with a lady named Cindy Gallop who has had a highly successful career in advertising.  If you’ve read some of my older posts you know that I don’t have a very high opinion of marketing and advertising, so I settled back to listen.  I prepared myself for the… Continue reading Let’s Stop Talking and Start Doing

What Were They Thinking?--Aug 2

What Were They Thinking?

I guess at some level everyone who commits a crime thinks they are going to get away with it.  But what I don’t know is whether they think of the rationalizations before, during or after the deed. The question is pertinent because of recent news from Tokyo. As you know, Japan has a large number… Continue reading What Were They Thinking?