Celebrating a Parsi Wedding in Mumbai--Jan 18

Celebrating a Parsi Wedding in Mumbai

I mentioned recently that we have just returned from a trip to India for our niece’s wedding.  I can save a lot of time by simply saying that if you’ve ever seen a Bollywood movie, you will know that Indians like to do things with lots of color, extravagance and action.  And we had all… Continue reading Celebrating a Parsi Wedding in Mumbai

Words To Get Peoples' Attention--Jan 10

Words To Get Peoples’ Attention

A while back, I did a post on words that shouldn’t be allowed to fall into disuse, or should I say, desuetude.  Today I offer another set of words worthy of preservation.  Why do you want to know these words?  Aside from the intrinsic value of increasing your vocabulary and improving the exactitude of your… Continue reading Words To Get Peoples’ Attention