Something To Think About--Feb 22

Something To Think About

Back in September 2010, I posted an article about an Indian scientist who predicted the September Christchurch NZ earthquake because he saw a link between whale beachings and earthquakes. 

Today, 22 February 2011 there has been another earthquake in Christchurch and this one is much worse than the September quake.  Although there was no report that the Indian scientist predicted this quake, there were recently two massive whale beachings in NZ, most recently on 4 February in which 82 whales died. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Christchurch.

22 thoughts on “Something To Think About

  1. I’m so thankful to see this post today to know that you are okay. I remember your earlier post about the whales and the earthquakes and found it very interesting at the time.

  2. This is so sad.

    I have some great memories of that square: My children (when they were quite small) recreated the cathedral on paper from cut-out squares and triangles.

    Of course, we went whale watching in Kaikoura.

    How awful.

  3. tom,

    was just thinking of you last night (apparently when it was happening our time).

    saw this when i awoke, awe -full and tragic these natural disasters.
    how small and helpless is man.

  4. Very sad to hear of the disaster and the unfortunate timing that made it affect so many people. I have no idea where you are in relation to Christchurch, but I’m glad you’re still out there! (Typical ignorant reaction: New Zealand must be a tiny country in relation to my monstrously large country—the U.S.—and so therefore anything that happens there must affect every NZ resident!)

  5. I was so relieved to see your post. It’s so good to know both ofyou are safe. Our church choir will offer up prayers for all involved.

  6. I am so glad you two are ok. Just heard about this a.m. Saw your parents
    and they are doing well, I am dealing with my loss but do thank you for all your love and kind words. The five Months I spent on the journey was
    the best of our life even with the outcome. Mike agreeded with me ,when it was his turn years ago he never got to say good bye to Patty. Are you coming home soon to visit folks? let me know. Last week I went back to work ,moving on but not forgetting. Ray

  7. Remind me: You are far away from this one, right?

    I’ve been following it with great interest because, well, we’re in earthquake country, too.

    It appears that the magnitude was smaller than the main shock’s, but that the ground acceleration was much greater. As expected, unreinforced masonry buildings did worst (we knew they would), but the suprise seems to be — have you heard this? — that many of the NEWER buildings, office parks and such, also did not fare well. That’s really scary. It would mean we don’t understand how to build safer buildings.

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts.

    @Andreas, yes the worst problem has been with newer buildings. One commentator did say that because this earthquake was so close to the city center and so shallow that its effect was like an 8+ and that no building can withstand that. I’m sure the debate will escalate.

  9. Hello Thomas and family. as with many folk who left their comments, you have been on my mind and I too am really glad to hear from you and know that your’e ok. I trust all your family and friends are too. We were all shocked at the news, and a very good friend of mine who is from NZ, was totally devastated. Our thoughts are certainly with you all.
    I remember that article you wrote!! wow! so he must have something there. have the NZ authorities taken note of this? I wonder how often this happens, the combination of the whale beachings and eartquakes? Certainly worth investigating the link.
    Again Thomas, I am grateful that you are ok. all the very best for the recovery period.

  10. At first I thought Christchurch was, well, a church. I literally thought an earthquake had collapsed a NZ church and buried people attending mass. (We Americans are renowned for our superior knowledge of geography beyond U.S. shores.)

    Anyhow, the most chilling new expression I’ve learned in connection with the event is the term “previously unknown faultline.” Comforting to know that all of us may reside atop some previously unknown faultline.

    New York City may lie five miles above a previously unknown faultline. I suppose we’ll find out some day.

    1. Yes, there is all sorts of discussion about the “previously unknown faultline” and how it should behave–and none of the predictions seem to work out. There is another theory, largely rejected but often repeated, that the Canterbury Plain, which Christchurch sits on, is actually floating on a giant lake of lava and that a giant volcano is in the offing. Very comforting no matter who you listen to.

  11. There have been numerous reports of land animals acting strangely prior to earthquakes. It thus makes sense that aquatic animals could be similarly affected.

  12. Hi Thomas,

    Were you in town when the earthquake hit?
    Like Andreas, I too live in earthquake country (in fact, right upon the San Andreas fault line), so all earthquakes and their particulars draw my attention.
    So sorry to learn of the collapse of the spire on the beautiful church and of so many deaths.
    The connection to whale beachings is particularly fascinating.
    As all have written above, so pleased that you and your wife/family are OK.

  13. Update– 11 March 2011–Japan has been hit by a monster earthquake and tsunami. The epicentre of the quake was in Miyagi Prefecture. On 6 March, a week earlier, 50 whales beached in Ibaraki Prefecture, a little over 100 kilometres south. Twenty-two of the whales were refloated and saved.

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