They're Back! With A Vengeance--Nov 21

They’re Back! And With A Vengeance

Over the past few months, I have been congratulating myself about my highly effective bird-proofing of the nursery at the farm.  Back in February I launched a major assault.  They won the first round of battle, but I declared decisive victory in the second. All through the winter I’ve been perfecting my defences, even going… Continue reading They’re Back! And With A Vengeance

Synchronicity--Nov 13


Last night I experienced another interesting example of synchronicity.  The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra presented Metropolis, a silent film.  The orchestra played the sound track (really good) while the movie  was shown on a big screen.  The movie was an amazing experience—fascinating and thought provoking. Metropolis was made in Germany in 1927 by Fritz Lang… Continue reading Synchronicity