You're Not Working Hard Enough!--Jan 10

You’re Not Working Hard Enough!

It appears that my post about business buzz words last week was, as they say, insufficiently robust.  Because I omitted a term which, sad to say, we are likely to be hearing more about. The term is sweatworking and it refers to conducting business while working out at the gym.  It has spawned the corollary… Continue reading You’re Not Working Hard Enough!

New Buzzwords For The New Year--Jan 3

New Buzzwords For The New Year

Happy New Year! This time of year we get inundated with lists.  In the past few days I’ve seen lists of the top ten best and worst of just about everything in 2011. My theory is that we like lists because (1) they are easy to read and (2) they give us a sense of… Continue reading New Buzzwords For The New Year