Kiwi Terms That Still Crack (Or Trip) Me Up==May 16

Kiwi Terms That Still Crack (Or Trip) Me Up

I’ve lived in New Zealand for over ten years now and I’m still learning the language.  Shortly after moving here I actually went to get my hearing tested.  I told the technician that I couldn’t understand what people were saying to me.  My hearing checked out fine—I just needed time to adjust to the accent… Continue reading Kiwi Terms That Still Crack (Or Trip) Me Up

New Buzzwords For The New Year--Jan 3

New Buzzwords For The New Year

Happy New Year! This time of year we get inundated with lists.  In the past few days I’ve seen lists of the top ten best and worst of just about everything in 2011. My theory is that we like lists because (1) they are easy to read and (2) they give us a sense of… Continue reading New Buzzwords For The New Year

Words That Should Be Given A Rest--Mar 17

Words That Should Be Given A Rest

So far, we’ve talked about words that are almost forgotten but shouldn’t be, words that sound like they mean something else , and now it’s time to talk about words that haven’t been forgotten, but should be. You know what I’m talking about—words that are either so overused they’ve become meaningless, or are just plain… Continue reading Words That Should Be Given A Rest

Words To Get Peoples' Attention--Jan 10

Words To Get Peoples’ Attention

A while back, I did a post on words that shouldn’t be allowed to fall into disuse, or should I say, desuetude.  Today I offer another set of words worthy of preservation.  Why do you want to know these words?  Aside from the intrinsic value of increasing your vocabulary and improving the exactitude of your… Continue reading Words To Get Peoples’ Attention

Words That Shouldn't Be Allowed To Die--Oct 29

Words That Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Die

From the Department of Scary Statistics, we get the report that the average 15 to 24 year old now spends an average of eight minutes a day reading.  Yes, reading.  Not only that, one third of US teenagers send over 100 text messages a day and people aged 8 to 18 now spend 7.5 hours… Continue reading Words That Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Die

Is Passion Sustainable?--Sep 23

Is Passion Sustainable?

Have you noticed how you can’t go anywhere without hearing about something that is ‘sustainable’ or someone who is ‘passionate’ about something? People who are passionate about the sustainability of the English language should be alarmed.  Because overuse of those words has resulted in them losing some of their richness.  According to my dictionary, passionate… Continue reading Is Passion Sustainable?