Another Technological Leap Forward!--Jun 23

Another Technological Leap Forward!

As you know, I am always on the lookout to identify new technology applications that will improve our lives.  And today we have a major!  It’s called ShameBeGone.  Interested already, aren’t you? I couldn’t believe it when I read about it.  ShameBeGone is a service that handles unpleasant situations for you.  By the best method yet… Continue reading Another Technological Leap Forward!

Bovine Incursion in Triplicate!--Jun 15

Bovine Incursion in Triplicate!

Every once in a while something happens at the farm to make me rethink the entire concept of me in a rural context. One such event occurred last week. We were going to have a group of volunteers come out to do some tree planting on Thursday so on Wednesday we drove up to get… Continue reading Bovine Incursion in Triplicate!

Joyce and Ulysses on Twitter?--Jun 6

Joyce and Ulysses on Twitter?

When I did my English degree I spent quite a bit of time on James Joyce.  I even considered doing a PhD dissertation on Ulysses.  I’ve had a piece published in The James Joyce Quarterly and also generated some discussion with a novel interpretation of a chapter of Ulysses. The reason that I’m telling you… Continue reading Joyce and Ulysses on Twitter?