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Short Stories

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General Fiction

DED–It’s Never Too Late to Change:  At least not when the DED Force is operating.

Brad–A tech entrepreneur has a dating adventure.

The Sign–A case of mistaken identity has a huge payoff.

The Bus Ride–A reminder that you should always mind your manners.

The Moth–Craig gets a lesson in what’s important.

What Goes Up Must Come Down:  A modern company will do anything to protect its brand.  It’s not technically murder if no one’s really dead.

Avatar:  A man finally gets to meet his neighbors. And wishes he hadn’t.  By the way, this story was written in 2007 and therefore has nothing to do with the movie.  “Avatar” is the name of a dog who plays a major role in the story.  I gave him the name Avatar as an ironic salute to Lion in William Faulker’s “The Bear.”

The Homecoming:  Meeting an old friend after many years can sometimes change lives.

Little Stars:   An exclusive day care center proves to be more than meets the eye.

The Wedding:   A celebration of the progress of the human race.

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  1. January 4, 2011 11:02 pm

    I’ve just read “The Bus Ride”. It kept me guessing almost to the end. Hugely effective and affecting.

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