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About Me

orginalt2 - Copy (2)I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and studied business and accounting at the University of Dayton, Ohio.  On graduating I went to work with a public accounting firm where I spent 27 years, retiring as a partner from the Tokyo Japan office in 2001.  I was a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Information Systems Auditor.

After leaving Japan I moved to Auckland, New Zealand.  In 2003 I earned an MA in English from the University of Auckland and since then have done post graduate study in world literatures, including Japanese, Korean  and Chinese.  I’ve also taken courses in music, history and philosophy.

My novel Identities was published in October 2012.  It is a satirical look at contemporary business, corporate greed, consumerism, materialism, and the dangers of building a life around an artificially constructed identity.

My story “Taking Off With Buddha” was published in I Should Have Just Stayed Home, a collection of humorous travel disaster stories.  My short, satirical poem “Evening” was published in the Blackmail Press Crossed Cultures issue, a special issue focusing on diversity and multiculturalism.  I had a short piece published in the James Joyce Quarterly and have also written an essay featuring a novel interpretation of one of the chapters of Joyce’s Ulysses entitled “The Significance of Mr. Bloom’s Route in Lotus Eaters.”

A good part of my writing is based on my work experiences.  My novels, By The Numbers and Identities are about how peoples’ drive for success and material gain can cause more harm than good.  Many of my short stories, especially “The Bee,” “Bus Ride,” and “The Homecoming” study this same theme from different perspectives.

Several of my other short stories, and the short novel The Adventures of Christine and Tyler, are speculative fiction because some stories just don’t work in an urban or business environment.  Don’t look for any fancy technology or swashbuckling heroes.

In addition to writing, I enjoy building model ships.  Also, my wife and I are currently working on a project, CUE Haven, to revegetate 59 acres of pasture land north of Auckland.  The land had been used as a dairy farm for many years and we are working with the community to restore it to a native New Zealand forest to create a nature reserve for the community to use and enjoy.


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