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Another Sign It’s Time to Go Home

American novelist Erma Bombeck wrote a hilarious book titled When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It’s Time to Go Home.  The big news in NZ is all about a French tourist who has been hitchhiking around the country, and although he doesn’t seem to know it, is looking suspiciously like his passport photo. One… Continue reading Another Sign It’s Time to Go Home


Farm Adventures—They Just Keep Coming

Over the years I’ve told you stories about the farm project, most of which involve me ending up somewhere out of my comfort zone as a result of interaction with large and small creatures and machines. Please be assured that silence doesn’t indicate the absence of thrilling (at least at the time) stories.  Like the… Continue reading Farm Adventures—They Just Keep Coming


The Top of the South Island—February 2015

I know.  There’s no excuse.  I haven’t posted anything since our last trip and here I am writing about another trip. It’s not like there hasn’t been a lot to talk about.  It’s just that the stuff that’s going on sort of speaks for itself.  I have nothing to add.  For example, I’d really like… Continue reading The Top of the South Island—February 2015


Would You Like a Foil Hat to Match?

I once wrote a dystopian story in which the human race, as a result of constant cell phone use, had mutated into two forms.  One form was adapted to texting while the other was built for talking on the phone.  Of course, being humans, each group hated the other for being different. Well, I’m happy… Continue reading Would You Like a Foil Hat to Match?


It’s Official—I’m a Visionary

Regular readers will find the above assertion no surprise, but it’s always nice to bask in the reflection that one is able to discern trends and stuff ahead of the curve.  This was brought home recently when I saw a report that the Global Language Monitor (GLM) had compiled a list of the most overused… Continue reading It’s Official—I’m a Visionary


Something to Tweet About?

A few months ago, the New York Times debated the question “Is Classical Music Dying.”  According to all measures, e.g., number of new classical recordings, orchestra attendance, number of classical radio stations, the answer is yes. Some people think that the only thing classical music is good for is to prevent crowds of teenagers from… Continue reading Something to Tweet About?


How Have We Survived Without This Stuff?

As you know I am always on the lookout for interesting applications of technology to improve my quality of life, so my pulse quickened the other day when I saw the headline “Ten Essential Travel Gadgets.” Unfortunately, for the most part, the article proved to be a big disappointment.  Mostly it was newer, imperceptibly different… Continue reading How Have We Survived Without This Stuff?