Would You Like a Foil Hat to Match?

I once wrote a dystopian story in which the human race, as a result of constant cell phone use, had mutated into two forms.  One form was adapted to texting while the other was built for talking on the phone.  Of course, being humans, each group hated the other for being different. Well, I’m happy… Continue reading Would You Like a Foil Hat to Match?


How Have We Survived Without This Stuff?

As you know I am always on the lookout for interesting applications of technology to improve my quality of life, so my pulse quickened the other day when I saw the headline “Ten Essential Travel Gadgets.” Unfortunately, for the most part, the article proved to be a big disappointment.  Mostly it was newer, imperceptibly different… Continue reading How Have We Survived Without This Stuff?

Art For Art's Sake?--Jun 11

Art For Art’s Sake?

A few years ago, the University of Auckland changed the name of its Department of Fine Arts to The National Institute for the Creative Arts and Industries.  The Institute includes things like music, art, dance and architecture. I remember talking to some people at the time and being the only person who didn’t think that… Continue reading Art For Art’s Sake?


Immortality, Anyone?

Have you heard about the Russia 2045 project? They just finished a big conference and here is how founder, Dmitry Itskov describes it:  “in brief: the most important thing is that we want to eliminate death and disease for all—to overcome the limitations of our protein-based body; to find a way out of the chain of… Continue reading Immortality, Anyone?

Technology Strikes Again--Oct 8

Technology Strikes Again!

Great news on the technology front!  For those of us who are insufficiently beautiful to make it into Beautiful People, there is a Plan B. A new service, known as FakeGirlfriend allows you to pretend you have a girlfriend even if you don’t.  There are also fake boyfriend services available. Here’s how it works. You create… Continue reading Technology Strikes Again!

They're At It Again--Jul 2

They’re At It Again!

You remember our friends over at Beautiful People? They are the dating site that only accepts beautiful people. Acceptance of prospective members is contingent on them being voted sufficiently beautiful by the existing membership. They made news a while ago when they whacked about 5,000 members who had posted updated pictures of themselves. Based on… Continue reading They’re At It Again!

Another Technological Leap Forward!--Jun 23

Another Technological Leap Forward!

As you know, I am always on the lookout to identify new technology applications that will improve our lives.  And today we have a major!  It’s called ShameBeGone.  Interested already, aren’t you? I couldn’t believe it when I read about it.  ShameBeGone is a service that handles unpleasant situations for you.  By the best method yet… Continue reading Another Technological Leap Forward!